On hold “CAMDS  English  Training” notice

Dear OEMs, and component suppliers:

        Management Requirements for Automobile Harmful Substances and Recoverability Rate( hereinafter, the “Management Requirement”) was officially published on June 9th, 2015, which means the management of harmful substances and recoverability rate will be mandatory and international compatible. The green supply chain management based on CAMDS is becoming normalized. The MIIT clearly explained the suppliers responsibility, according to “Management Requirement”, that every level of automotive component and material suppliers shall give the detailed information about the materials and harmful substances in their products to benefit the automobile manufactures to track and analyze the harmful substances and recoverability rate.
        In order to help enterprises to meet the demand of environmental-friendly regulations related to harmful substances and recycling rate, build risk control system and promote the management ability to products’ compliance and consistency. Meantime, at the request of enterprises and to assist the foreign suppliers to know the CAMDS operation, requirement, and using skills as well, China Automotive technology and research center, CAMDS administration center decided to hold the CAMDS English training for the first time on 31st March, 2016 in Tianjin, China. Please organize related personnel to participate. The relevant information is as following.
        Course introduction 
        Combine with the special operation example, we will let you know the CAMDS basic operation, be able to finish the material data sheets asked by customers, and master the general skills of CAMDS internal management.
        Training time and place
        March 31, 2016, in Tianjin, China
        Training mode
        Combine explanations with demonstrations; combine actual cases with operation practices; combine questions with answers.
        Training room
        Special room for training to ensure every student can operate in real time.
        Accommodation and Transportation
        Please see attachment for details.
        Course-completion certificate, awarded by CAMDS management center.
        Text book and Cost

 One Training book (English)
One CAMDS User Manual (English)
RMB 2600 Yuan

        PS: 1、Trainee shall bear the accommodation and travel expenses by your own.
        2、Training cost includes the expense of textbooks, training account, usage of computer and internet, training organization, lecturer, lunch and coffee break on the training day, etc.
         Application Procedure
         Please fill out the appendix II “Registrant Information for CAMDS Training”, and send back to camds@catarc.ac.cn before March 25th, 2016. (PS: the number of trainees will be no more than 10 this time, which is decided according to reversion sequence. Registration ends as soon as it is full.).
         Please take one one-inch photo when registering and give it to the stuff. Please write down your name on the back of the photo. Don’t forget to take a pen and a note book. 
        Only cash is available. According to your registration information, CAMDS administration center will invoice in advance and give it to you when you pay. Invoice unit: Beijing CATARC Data & Technology Center; invoice item: technical training cost; invoice type: Beijing ordinary VAT invoice (IRS).
        Contact: Jing Qiu
        Phone No.: (+86)010-67832387
        Email: camds@catarc.ac.cn

        On hold “CAMDS English Training” notice.pdf

        Registrant Information for CAMDS Training.doc

China Automotive Technical & Research Center

CAMDS Administration Center

Mar. 15th, 2016


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