Questions and Answer(Q&A)

1.Click “login in” button but cannot login in the system?
The pop-up is blocked because of the IE settings of the computer. Please change the Pop-up Blocker Settings. Open Internet Explorer. On the “Tools” menu, point to “Pop-up Blocker”, and then click “Pop-up Blocker Settings”. Type the address (or URL) of the site of CAMDS in the “Address of Web site to allow” box, and then click “Add” to set CAMDS website to be trusted. 

2.What to do if you didn’t receive the registration email form CAMDS?
1) Check your junk mail box to find out whether the registration email was processed as a junk mail.
2) Check whether you internal network has permission settings to emails from CAMDS.
3) Open the website the “user ID forgotten” operation to check whether your mail box can receive the email including username and password from CAMDS.
4) If you still cannot receive the email from CAMDS, please send your email to and indicate the name of your company. We will resend the registration email for you.

3.What to do if the newly registered account can not log in system?
1) Use Internet Explorer (IE)7.0,8.0 or 9.0 version to log in system.
2) Carefully check and retype User ID, Password, and Validate Code to log in system.
Note: when you log in system for the first time, a pop-up window will occur to require modification of the original password.

4.Do parts suppliers have to pay for using CAMDS?
According to CAMDS existing operation model,the online system is open to parts suppliers for free.

5.How do parts suppliers complete registration?
If your enterprise has not yet registered for CAMDS, the customer who proposes data reporting requests to you is obliged to do registration for your enterprise. The steps for registering sub-suppliers are as follow: first,log in CAMDS system; then click on the sub-menu "Register Supplier" under the main menu "Management" and fill in the complete information of registered enterprise; finally, click on "Register" button at the bottom right of the screen to finish the registration.

6.How do enterprises add new users for themselves?
If the existing users can not meet your demand, you can register additional users and choose certain access permission for them. The registration steps are as follow: firstly, use the enterprise's admin account to log in system; secondly, click on the sub-menu "User" under the main menu "Management"; then click on "Create" button at the bottom right of the screen and fill in the complete information of new users; finally, click on the “Submit” button. Please note the options: "Read-Only User", "Regular User" and "Enterprise Administrator" and make your choice according to your demands as the three roles have different access permissions from small to large. Please refer to User Manual to know about their specific difference. You can also add department  for your new user.

7.How do OEMs join CAMDS ?
1) Firstly, contact us CAMDS Management Center and there is a person responsible for this matter.
2) The two parties shall sign an agreement that stipulates such details as cooperation method, service items,the amount of money paid and so on.
3) ( CAMDS was developed with 16 enterprises <incl.15 OEMs > offering funds in the beginning of its establishment. In order to safeguard shareholders' interests, OEMs that join CAMDS later are required to pay participation fee and MDS-using fee. The amount of money paid for MDS-using fee is determined by the package chosen by enterprises and ranges from one hundred thousand to hundreds of thousands RMB Yuan).
4) According to the agreement, the two parties shall carry out corresponding contents. After CAMDS Management Center has registered accounts for OEMs, OEMs can use CAMDS to collect automotive material data.

8.What to do if the enterprise information is incorrect?
There are 3 cases: 1) If you want to modify your enterprise's English and Chinese name, registered email, name of the enterprise administrator etc, you have to fill in the Application Form for Changing Enterprise's Email, have it stamped, and send it  to CAMDS Management Center and CAMDS Management Center will modify the requested information for you.
2) Contact the enterprise administrator if you want to modify access permission.
3) You can modify own account's information such as telephone No., fax No., email and so on. To do this, first log in the system; then click on sub-menu "Settings" under the main menu "Others" and modify relevant information on your own; finally click on “Save”.

9.What to do when my account expires after 90 days?
1) Enter User ID, Password, Validate Code to log in system.
2) Modify the original password in the pop-up window.

10.What to do if I can not remember User ID?
Firstly,click on the “User ID forgotten” button in the login screen; then input the registered email address in the pop-up dialogue box; finally, click on the “Send” button. Later, you can log in registered mail box to check received User ID (The email is sent by the system automatically after it receives your request).

11.What to do if I can not remember Password?
Firstly, click on the “New Password” button in the login screen;then input User Name and registered email address in the pop-up dialogue box (without any blank); finally,click on the “Send” button. Later, you can log in registered mail box to check received password(The email is sent by the system automatically after it receives your request).

12.What to do if I forget or have no idea about registered email address?
Please provide your CAMDS enterprise ID and contact CAMDS Management Center to search it for you.

13.Due to staff turnover or inability to receive system email, what to do if we have to change the enterprise’s registered email?
Case 1: If you are unable to log in system, please download the "CAMDS Application Form for Changing User Email" in BBS of CAMDS official website or request it from us via email, then fill out this form, have it stamped, and contact  CAMDS Management Center to deal with it as soon as we receive it. You can log in the newly registered email box to check received system mail.
Case 2. If you are able to log in system, please log in and click on the sub-menu “Settings” under the main menu "Others" to modify corresponding email information;finally click on "Save".

14.How to create MDS for electronic components (PCBs and wiring harness)?
Circuit board is composed of PCB standard materials and the specific content of materials is determined by the actual situation. For detailed process of creating MDS and samples, please refer to "CAMDS Application Guidance - 10 Guidance for Creating Electronic Components MDS".

15.How to create MDS for metallic coatings and conversion coatings for automobile?
1) Each metallic coating and each kind of conversion coating is declared on the same level as basic material when creating MDS of metallic coatings and conversion coatings for automobile  
2) Many kinds of basic material (such as iron and steel, aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy) have already been entered into CAMDS system. These materials can be directly referenced in CAMDS system.
3) In order to facilitate users, standard materials of many kinds of coatings (such as Ep-Zn, Ep-Fe/Cu, +ZE75/75) have been entered into CAMDS. These coatings can be referenced or created directly in the system. Blocking agent, as a kind of material, is created in CAMDS by suppliers.
4) The approach for mass calculation of basic materials, conversion coatings and metallic coatings:  Calculate mass through density, surface area and thickness or calculate mass through weight.

16.How to create MDS for lacquer coating materials?
1) Lacquer coatings are generally composed of several different coatings, such as phosphate coating, electrophoretic coating, prime coating, floating coating and varnish and so on. Each kind of the coatings must be described separately.
2) Only ingredients that remain after baking are required to be declared in CAMDS Material Data Sheet. If the lacquers don't contain solvent after the baking, then the solvent don't need to be declared.
3) Single coating is generally composed of simple resin curing system or resin-rich system (such as PAA cyanamid), fillers, pigments and additives.
4) Multiple coatings include two or more than two kinds of coatings. Each coating must be declared separately.

17.Can standard material be referenced when creating Non-metallic materials?
As there are varieties of non-metallic materials, and material composition and content ratio have no unified standard, so non-metallic standard materials are not stored in the CAMDS database. You need to create non-metallic materials on your own, and release it internally, then users within the enterprise can reference the materials you have created; you can also apply for publish permission to CAMDS Management Center,and publish the materials you have created,then all users of the system can reference them.

18.A MDS has been created, checked and saved.  But there is no "Send" or "Propose" button available, only "Internal" button can be seen on the screen. What is the reason?
Please check whether it has been created as a "Module". If so, the Module cannot be sent to the customer. If you have confirmed that it is indeed created as a "Material Data Sheet", please click on "Next" button or sub-menu "supplier information" and fill out the required information, then click on "Next" button or sub-menu "recipient status" and click on the "Add recipients" button, then enter the complete enterprise name in the pop-up dialog box to search the enterprise and select it, click on "Ok". After clicking on the "Save" button, the "Send" and "Propose" button will appear at the upper right of the screen.

19.How to serch wildcard substances when enterprises want to keep some ingredients confidential or obfuscate some uncertain ingredients in MDS? What are the notes that need to be considered on?
There are three basic substances in basic substance library of CAMDS and user can use them to replace the mixed or unknown basic substance in a material. The three basic substances are "Additives", "Misc" and "Ingredient" respectively, which are collectively called wildcards. When searching wildcard substances, please input "system" as CAS No. on the basic substance search screen, then you can find it out. The sum of the content of confidential substance and wildcards in one material shall not exceed 10%.

20.What is the difference between Module and MDS?
Module is similiar to MDS in concept and usage.They mainly differ in the following aspects: first, module can only be internally released, and cannot be sent, proposed or published; secondly, MDS can be converted into Module, but Module can not be converted into MDS.

21.What are the Module's features?
Module is exactly the same as MDS, but can not be sent to customers. It is mainly used for internal component management within the enterprise.

22.What does the check error "The referenced MDS must be integer version" mean? How to deal with it?
According to the current checking rules of CAMDS, newly created MDS is decimal version and can be modified. The referenced MDS must be integer version and cannot be modified. You can find out the decimal version MDS which shall be referenced and release it internally, then the MDS changes into  integer version and can be referenced.

23.What does the check error "The deviation between the measured value and the calculated value shall not exceed the tolerance" mean? How to deal with it?
The "calculated value" of a node is theoretical value, which is gained by summarizing the results of all child nodes' mass multiplied by their quantity.
The measured value is the factual weighing mass of a node.
Deviation= (calculated value- measured value)/ measured value.
When you input the tolerance, do make it greater than or equal to the value calculated by the deviation formula. Otherwise, check error will appear.

24.What does the check error "Non-basic substances must be further decomposed" mean? How to deal with it?
The bottom level under any node of any MDS must be composed of basic substances that belong to CAMDS database, which is the core principle of MDS. In this case, please search this material that does not contain basic substances, add basic substancecs to it and release it internally, then it can be referenced to the tree structure of MDS.

25.What does the check error "An application must be selected for prohibited/restricted substance" mean? How to deal with should I do?
When materials containing prohibited/restricted substances are directly or indirectly added to components, an application must be selected for prohibited/restricted substances to inform customers whether the prohibited substance is within the exemption scope of regulations.

26.What is the difference between Propose and Send?
There are two main differences: 1) Send is a "one to one" relation, namely, MDS can only be sent to one company; while Propose is a "one to many" relation, namely, MDS can be proposed to several companies at the same time.
2) The sent MDS which has been accepted changes into integer version, and cannot be modified; But if it has been rejected, the MDS remains in decimal version, and can be modified. The proposed MDS changes into integer version, and cannot be modified in any case.

27.Why is there no Publish button on my screen?
At present, if companies want to use "Publish" function, they shall submit a stamped written application to CAMDS Management Center. The purpose of this rule is to refrain companies from misoperating, random publishing MDS or leaking technological secrets, and from bringing about inconvenience to related parties.

28.What kind of enterprises are suitable for publishing MDS?
We recommend that leading enterprises of the industry publish their own created MDS. The reasons are as follow: 1) Leading enterprises (such as DuPont) cover very large scope with mass customers;
2) The enterprise standard of leading enterprises (such as Baosteel) has been widely accepted by the industry, which is similar to industrial standard. The MDS created by them will be referenced by many enterprises.

29.What to do if I cannot find the needed basic substances or standard materials?
It may be related to your search method. It is recommended that you search them on the basis of  CAS No.. If you stil cannot find them, please contact CAMDS Management Center. If it is checked and confirmed that the basic substance or standard material does not exist in CAMDS database, CAMDS Management Center will add related information in CAMDS database as soon as possible.

30.How to apply for adding basic substances or standard materials?
The steps are as follow: 1) Log in BBS of  CAMDS  official website to download the "Application Form for Adding Basic Substances and Standard Materials into CAMDS" or request it from CAMDS Management Center.
2) Fill out the form with information of the basic substance or standard material as complete as possible and send it to CAMDS Management Center.
3) The material expert will check the submitted information.
4) The basic substance or standard material will be added to CAMDS database after successful check and you will be informed.

31.What is the difference between Copy and New version?
For the same part or product, if you want to send the MDS to different customers or modify its data, it is recommended that you select the following copy type: New version. For the different products with identical main contents, it is rocommended that you you select the following copy type: Copy, just like front seat and rear seat.

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