China Automotive Material Data System (CAMDS) is a product data management platform for implementing the “Recycling and Reutilization Policy of Automotive Product”, carrying out the certification of recoverability rate and prohibited/restricted substance and improving the recoverability rate of China automotive material. It will help the auto manufacturers to conduct information management of various products and links in their supply chain. With this system, component suppliers can fill out and report the information describing the use of basic substance and the material of component to the complete vehicle manufacturers and carry out the unified classification management of the reported product. On the basis of these data, the complete vehicle manufacturers can trace and analyze the use of prohibited/restricted substances in auto products at all stages, such as in the period of design, manufacture, production, marketing and recycle, etc. CAMDS provides a solution to trace the chemical composition of auto parts in the whole supply chain for China automotive industry and improves the scrapping and recycling level of component material of China auto products.

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